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Hey, friend!

I put this collection of resources together to help you maintain inspiration on your journey to a more intentional life. I know that sometimes, even with encouragement and community, inspiration fades and you lose sight of why you were making changes in the first place. This is a place to come when you feel that way. 

You can watch videos I've made in the past as well as download helpful PDF's that will have you taking action in no time. 

Remember, nothing will work unless you do, but this can help get you back in the right mindset!

Below you'll see different sections of free content, including videos and PDF's I've created in the past on different topics. Feel free to browse and come back any time, or go ahead and download or watch every single one right now - it's up to you!

All you need to do is click the button under each title to either download or watch it (depending on the type of content it is). If it's a download, it should download instantly to your computer. If it doesn't, try right-clicking on the button instead!

P.S. If you enjoy podcasts, I co-host The Purposeful Home Podcast with Kelsey Van Kirk. It's another great form of content and another branch of my website if you'd like to get inspired while you drive or wash dishes :)

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Video Library

Unplugged Kids Class Video

Declutter Your Calendar

Minimalism + Kids Birthdays

Minimalism + Kids Workshop

Systemizing Your Cleaning For A More Present Motherhood w/ Kendra Hennessy

How to Use Trello to Organize Your Entire Life

Developing Rhythms

5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Decluttering

How to Sort Through Your Artwork (for your kiddos) By Bella Casazza

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Checklists, Workbooks + Guides

Minimalism Starter Kit

How to Declutter Laundry + Dishes

Purge the Toys Free Guide

The 10-Minute Declutter Challenge

20 Things You Can Get Rid of Now

Your Guide to Intentional Gifts for Your Kids

The Master Decluttering Checklist

Fifteen Minute Decluttering Projects for the Busy Mama

Developing Rhythms

The Present Mom eBook


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