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Here's what's going on this month in our Society...

September's theme was simplify, and due to us only have a couple weeks to focus on it, we've chosen to extend this theme into October.

We're going to work together to simplify any areas in our lives that feel over complicated, cluttered, or are the source of stress. 

Don't worry if you feel like that's basically everything in your life (been there...), just pick one area and start there. 


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Tips For Making This Month Count

  • One thing I'd encourage you to do is focus on simplifying aspects of your life rather than physical things. So, instead of choosing to simplify your home by decluttering, choose something more like your evening rhythms or your laundry routine. In coming months, we will be focusing on decluttering physical things, so my hope for you in September & October is that you'll use this time to simplify pieces of your life rather than pieces of your home. 
  • Don't worry about what the focus area will be next month or in future months. We are here right now, and this is why I call it a focus area - so that it is our total focus for the month. You can easily get caught up in plans for the future and miss your chance to rock the theme for this month. 
  • Use the calendar provided (you can download it from the October content page) to break down how you're going to take action on and implement this month's focus area. Don't let the generalization of "simplify" overwhelm you; choose an area or two (or more) you want to work on, then break it down. One idea that I think would be super helpful is to choose one area of your life to simplify each week of the month, then break down actionable tasks by day, using the calendar as a map of sorts. 
  • Set a timer in your phone for a time each morning or evening for you to spend reflecting, working through the journal prompts, and saying your affirmations for the month. This time to yourself is so easy to overlook when things are busy, but it's one of the most important aspects of the process of improvement.

This Month's Guest Influencer is...

Kelsey Van Kirk

Kelsey also co-hosts The Purposeful Home Podcast with me, so you might be familiar with the two of us together!

Kelsey also co-hosts The Purposeful Home Podcast with me, so you might be familiar with the two of us together!



This Month, Allie Is...



  • God and Money: How we discovered true riches at Harvard Divinity School by John Cortines and Gregory Baumer
  • No Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Listening To:

  • The Goal Digger podcast
  • Story Nory podcast (with her kids)

Playing On Repeat:

  • Charlie Cunningham (everything from him is amazing)
  • Thunder by Imagine Dragons (this is our power song! We play it on the way to school and before things that make us nervous)

Downloading from the App Store: 

  • AnyDo (best to do list app ever. Plus it syncs with the Amazon Echo if you have one!)