Welcome, friend!

Hello, friends!

The start of every new month always has me excited (I love a clean slate!), but the Society makes me even more so because I get to share with you what I’ve been putting together for you all behind-the-scenes!

For this month, and since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I wanted to focus on you. More than that, I want YOU to focus on you. I’ve been sitting on the idea of a month focused on self-care, and this month feels like the ideal time to bring it out.

Every time I share on my Insta-Story that I’m taking part in some self-care, I get messages from overwhelmed mamas who feel too guilty to do the same for themselves, and my heart drops.

What we do as mothers is so incredibly important - it’s the crux of our families and our households - we absolutely need to be taking care of ourselves! 

I also think daily self-care gets pushed way too far back when it comes to mom life. We tend to stay in the just-had-a-baby stage of daily care when we really don’t have to.

I’m here to speak truth and help you get it together so you can look better, feel better, and in turn, BE a better version of yourself!

This month can really be transformative if you let it.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in to May!

Rooting for you,

xo Allie


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Tips For Making This Month Count

  • Don’t be overwhelmed by ALL there is to improve in this super general area of your life. Start small. One very small change in your routine can make a massive difference in the way you feel!Think outside the box.
  • Everyone’s self-care will look different. Sometimes I see another mama taking good care of herself in a way that would totally drain me, but it lifts her spirits and restores her completely. We’re all different, and what you do for self-care needs to come from you. What do you love? What did you USED TO love? Who is *insert your name* and what does she want to do when she’s drained?
  • Branch off the work you did last month. Since April’s focus was on an intentional schedule, use the space you created to find more time to take care of yourself. Can you bring some self-care into your morning routine? Evening?
  • Remember to make the content this month work FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFE.

This Month, Allie Is...


Playing on Repeat:

  • Andrew Belle is a longtime favorite artist of mine. Brian and I have been revisiting all his songs lately and playing him in the house all day every day. Also, his stuff is great nighttime drive music :)


  • Also check out the Spotify playlist I created for you here:


  • Man, Myth, Messiah by Broocks. I ordered this book because I’ve been wanting to deepen my faith and my knowledge of the history of Jesus. I think it’s good to revisit the big, daunting issues often, and knowing what I believe and why I believe it is important to me. I was in a good place for a “serious” read, so I dove in and am so glad I did!
  • The Happiness Project by Rubin. Gretchen Rubin is one of my favorite people. Ever. I adore her writing style, her personality, and the thought processes she shares in her books. This is one of those books almost everyone has read before me, but if you haven’t had the pleasure of taking this one in yet, do yourself a favor and order it for yourself (self-care!) like, right now.

Working On:

Biggest Things:

  • Eating clean! The past month has held a lot of travel for me, and that always throws me off course when it comes to eating (and basically everything else too).
  • My business. I feel like my focus in life always ebbs and flows between the things I have on my plate - marriage, kids, business, and faith. I find myself focusing more on one of those key areas than the others all the time, and they seem to just naturally take turns. I’ve recently been spending more time on my business, and just really thinking through some hard issues that have come up as well as some exciting creative ideas I’d like to take on.

Among Other Things:

  • Saving money.
  • Being fully present wherever I am.
  • Shopping & restocking some key pieces after a massive wardrobe purge.
  • Being a better friend.
  • Continuing my fight against anxiety.
  • Having fun with Brian.
  • Joining in my kids’ play.
  • Walking more throughout the week.