Who is Allie?


Allie is wife to Brian (they met in seventh grade algebra class) and mama to their four kids. 

Allie has received global attention for her philosophy of minimalism and simplicity for moms. She is best known for helping overwhelmed women clear the clutter in their homes, calendars, brains, and lives so they can take a deep breath and find joy in the mundane.

Allie blogs on her main website, is the co-host of The Purposeful Home Podcast, and the founder of The Purpose Society. 

Fun Facts

  • Allie loves cheeseburgers. Like, would eat them every meal of the day for forever. No doubts about it. 
  • Allie rode an elephant when she was six years old. It was awesome. 
  • She is basically blind, and wears contacts/glasses. 
  • Allie's pet peeve is when people hang an air freshener in their car and keep the paper halfway on. Also anytime her husband chews...
  • Her favorite animal? Cats. She has plans to own about seventeen of them when her kids leave the house...
  • Allie drinks her coffee black. 
  • She doesn't really like movies and rarely watches them. She's a Netflix show kinda girl. 
  • Allie has 3 boys, so you'll occasionally hear her say things like "I totally pulled that out of my butt" instead of something normal like "it just came to me!"
  • She's a hardcore introvert. 
  • Her favorite TV shows are: I Love Lucy, The Office, Friends, and Parks + Rec. 
  • Allie's favorite thing to do after a hard day is buy a Starbucks tea, put headphones in, listen to a podcast, and browse Target's aisle. Super minimalist of her, right? (let the record show she usually doesn't buy anything...)
  • One area Allie is definitely not a minimalist? Nail polish and lipsticks. 
  • She loves getting dressed and piecing outfits together. When it's date night, Allie will stand in her closet and feel like a kid in a candy shop picking out what she's going to wear to dinner. 
  • Allie's pet name for her hubby Brian is The Love Bug. Aww...
  • Her third-born child weighed eleven pounds at birth (c-section, don't worry). No diabetes or anything, just a giant baby boy. They called in student doctors to look at him, much to Allie's annoyance.